Oct 13, 2010

I'm Not Allowed To Run...

Dear readers,

So as I was talking about me being lazy, I actually fought against it since the last weekend was absolutely beautiful weather and temperatures gave us last taste of summer in this year. It was very beneficial for me actually because I made two running records.
 I put on my massage gel, and run. Last week's training was 4 minutes walk and 6 minutes run and this repeated twice... well I did it 4x times. It happened to be 5.7 km last Friday at the end, which is quite good for me. And later, on Sunday I guess (yes I know rest day), I did the same with nice fast run at the end... So Lance Armstrong congratulated me again, to 6 kilometers this time. It feels quite good, breaking the records I made so far. And most importantly, I wasn't even that exhausted as I started... So 6 minutes of pure run, no problem for me, obviously.
But after every success comes bad moment. It's life.
 Month ago I got tested for allergies and part of these tests were also blood tests, so it happened that they found borreliosis ... It's treatable but while I'm taking antibiotics I'm not allowed to do any sports. The treatment will take a month of my running life. The only pleasure I had. I guess I don't even have to mention my swimming course at school. For the record I've never had a tick, It just happened I got bitten by some insect and I thought I'm having an allergic reaction to it.  Obviously it was infected mosquito or some other biting bitch. Oh and the other part of that, they told me I have an asthma so before every run I will have to inhale from my puffer.
 I still don't give up and I will get back on my running programme as soon as possible. But until then I will be writing boring about something I wish I could do. 

Oct 7, 2010

I'm Looser

Hello everyone.
It's nice to check stats and see that you read, it motivates me to write even more.
As I said in almost every previous post, I want to be honest here. So moment of truth... The last day I went running was Monday. What a shame! Here in Czech republic the school starts this week, or around this week, every school has it different, so it's kind of a busy time at universities. And I have to get used to wake up early, because I don't have time to run in evening. Well I woke up this morning, school starts at 9 a.m. today and believe or not I looked outside and didn't even want to go there. I feel horrible. It's gonna be worse and worse and I know that... I have to fight with it.
Oh and I found apartment and now hold your breath, with running track 5 minutes by walk far. Isn't that a sign I should put my running shoes on?
And how do you deal with lazy, cold days? Let me know in comments...

Sep 27, 2010

As I Expected...

I made it.
Well I hope you all read my yesterday's post, because this is highly related... if not, do that now!
So rain haven't stopped yet, which means it was raining 48 hours now and as I expected yesterday, the weather is bitch and I should re-name myself to Unlucky today. I had to go for run in cold, windy, rainy day (yes one of these days you wouldn't even get dog outside - as we say in Czech rep.) And I survived. It wasn't that bad and I guess I should get use to it since I decided to run during winter time as well and I'm super scared of treadmills. I even wasn't cold as I expected and yes my jacket and Nike+ armband are water-resistant. Good news I suppose since I will have to experience this type of weather more and more often.
But looking back to my today's run I found one great advantage. If you are uncomfortable like me, that everyone is staring at you, well someone will hardly be sitting outside on the benches...

Have great night people!

Sep 26, 2010

The Weather

Sunday... my official resting day! I actually never listened my training programme about resting days until today. I've been running 8 days in a row now, so I guess today I should listen and really take a break. But you know what? I woke up this morning (it was an hour ago) and took a look outside, it has been raining whole night and it doesn't seems to stop anytime soon. I was born with surname lucky or happy and this is the proof, not that it's important, at least it won't tease me to go outside and enjoy autumn. And now, talking about how happy I am, If it will rain tomorrow I'm screwed... I've been avoiding the day when I have to go for my run in the rain and I'm not planning on going anytime soon, even the day will come one day, that's for sure. Do you run in rain? Do I have to? I have nice running jacket from my last internship, but I was using it just for cold days, not raining. How do I know it's water-resistant? And what about my Nike+ iPod case, they say it's water resistant, but for run in SUCH a rain?
Are people crazy to run in days like these? 
And you readers, just wait for my post when it's snowing...

Sep 24, 2010

Positive Cheating

So as I mentioned before, I joined training programme, called Walk To Run, which basically tells me what to do every day of my run. It changes every week as I'm getting more advanced, by adding more of running minutes into the schedule. Well this week should be week 4 of my running experience and I'm currently on 3 minutes walk 2 minutes run and repeat 5x times and every second day 15 minutes walk 2 minutes run, which is what I was supposed to do today, but you know that feeling when you are dressed up for running and you are walking in the city between normally dressed up people? So I pushed myself and instead of plan I ran the whole time of my today's workout. Big success my friends, because I was never able to last for 14 minutes of workout. I'm really proud and also tired... 

Oh and I don't run like a duck anymore... If you're having this muscle pain problem, herbal gel and stretching helped a lot.


Sep 22, 2010

Another Blog?

Hello everyone.

Nobody knows I want to start writing a new blog. Well, if I'm gonna publish this, someone will has to know. At least they won't expect it. Let's talk about why I want to make my life even more complicated and...
... write a new blog.

This is it. Me, who always wanted to run but never lasted more than going twice, decided to start regular training. As I always knew, it's about motivation, so one day I bought running pants from world known fashion designer. For your information, I kept running for a month, once in a week... Than I just got bored. After a year I bought iPod nano with decision that one day I'll buy whole Nike+ kit. So I was running with my iPod; 5x times I would say. The next step, I told myself that shoes I've been running in are 5 years old and now it's time to buy new ones. I got Nike+ shoes as a birthday present. Not running ones but universal, which was smart move on my dad's part. I started to run on regular base, once in week, but I couldn't breathe after one km. So I switched running shoes with kitchen apron and tried to improve my cooking of czech cuisine. While dough for buns was raising, so my lower body part, mixed with hormones and since than I rather haven't checked the scale. As summer came and I got a little bit of money I invested it in new motivation and got myself a Nike+ toys I've been dreaming about.  To be honest, my running motivation just switched into another level.
To explain how does it work. It's a sensor you put in your special Nike+ shoe and connect to a receiver plugged to your iPod. While you're running you hear information about how long, fast and far you're running. Pretty neat, right? It gets better. At home when you synchronize your iPod with iTunes, information goes to the Nike+ website, where you can use your run kilometers in challenges or you can easily set up a goal you want to reach. Another very practical thing is, that you can actually set up a Coach program for whatever distance you would like to train yourself and it will show you running plan for each day. 

It has been a month since I started to run and to be honest I'm still getting used to go every day, it starts to be pretty cold here and after 10 km my legs got really sore and they still haven't stop yet, so I look like a duck while running. But you know what? I'm not gonna give up because now I have more reasons to do that than before. I started something and set up a goal to finish half marathon next year. And combination of heart diseases, lymphatic problems and diabetes and my current size are another push up to hold on to it.  

So my friends, dress up sweatpants and join me on my way to heath and reaching goals.

This is where I run...